Disrespect of the Dutch Government

Disrespect of the Dutch Government

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The great disrespect of the Dutch Government to the Republic of Turkey’s Minister of Family and Social Policy.

Mevlüt Cavusoglu’s, Minister of Foreign Affairs for Turkey, visit to Holland where he was going to come together with the Turks in Holland on 11th March was blocked by the Dutch government. Following this, Dr Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya, the Minister of Family and Social Policy, was detained at a distance of thirty meters to the Turkish Republic Rotterdam Consulate, and there have been devastating developments that are incompatible with democratic rights and freedoms. Diplomatic customs have been violated as Minister of Family and Social Policy, Dr Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya, and the Holland Ambassador for Turkey was taken into custody and made to wait for an extended period of time after which the minister was deported.

The Dutch Turks who were peacefully expressing their reactions in support of the minister within a democratic framework were subject to the attacks of and wounded by the police forces who employed horses and dogs without differentiating between women, children and press members.


UETD President Zafer Sırakaya condemned the Dutch Government and Police.

“It is unacceptable for the Dutch police, who we have witnessed to have quietly watched the demonstrations of terrorist organisations, to even employ water cannons to disperse a gathering, who had only gathered in front of the consulate to express their views without any violent tendencies.

This repulsive attitude of the Dutch authorities, which emphasizes their commitment to democracy and freedom, is an unacceptable attack on the democratic rights of the Turkish community in the Netherlands and the honour of members of the press who went to perform their duty. Moreover, this poor and impudent treatment towards a lady can never be approved. We strongly condemn this practice, which has been deemed acceptable, that has subjected the minister, our citizens and members of press to violence.

The Turkish community of Holland should not be sacrificed to a racist political movement whose discourse includes reducing the existence of some ethnic and religious group and the closure of mosques. This situation is a great threat to the Dutch and Europeans peoples who believe in European values and democracy.” Through this, Sırkaya stressed that for the two friendly and ally allied countries, whose relations transcends 400 years, there has never been a time when such an stance as this was taken towards each other. He also reiterated that the thousands of ethnic Turkish people who live in Holland have for many years been contributing to the development of the country.

The Dutch Turkish society should not be sacrificed to a racist political act with discourses such as the reduction of the presence of certain ethnic and religious groups, the closure of the mosques. This is a huge threat to the Dutch and European peoples who believe in European values and democracy. “He stressed that over 400 years of unbroken relations between the friendly and the allied two countries have never been in such a position against each other in the transcendental process. Reminded of the significant contributions that the population of hundreds of thousands of Turkish people living in Turkey provided for the development of the country for years.

We have no doubt that the Dutch Turks will not give rise to the provocations and will continue their stance of sensitivity and reason and hope that Holland will rectify this great mistake as soon as possible.

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