The provision of peace in Jerusalem means the protection of world peace

The provision of peace in Jerusalem means the protection of world peace

UETD’s press release titled “The provision of peace in Jerusalem means the protection of world peace”

President of the United States Donald Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is an indication of irresponsibility. Trumps irresponsible and unfair decision has brought the already halted peace process in the Middle East to a dead end.
Jerusalem, which is regarded as being a sacred city of peace and tolerance is equally important to Jews, Christians and Muslims, and should not be used as a tool for US and Israeli domestic politics based on one persons biased ideological views.
This decision made by President Trump, prevents consultations on the proposal of a two-state solution. Due to current domestic politics of the region, such a decision has the potential to harm global peace. Trump’s approach not only threatens peace in the region, but global peace as well. Another war is the last that’s needed in the crisis zone. For this reason, statements and reactions made by opinion leaders, religious leaders and politicians making warnings on war scenarios should be taken seriously.
Muslim countries of the Near and Middle East, as well as the prudent and responsible powers of the European Union, United States and the United Nations, must take active and credible steps to mediate in Palestine. The occupation of Palestinian land and efforts to evacuate Palestinians from their home land is a clear violation of International Law and human rights.

Equipped with nuclear war heads and latest war weaponry, Israel is constantly violating human rights and committing war crimes against the largely vulnerable civilian population of Palestine. Many human rights organizations, voluntary workers, independent journalists and observers have documented such cases, but these cases are often not heard. Even conscientious Israelis and religious Jews strongly criticize the inhuman actions of the Israeli government and the army.
We call on all governments and agencies to not abide by Trump’s wrong approach. Jerusalem is a sacred city not only for Jews but also for Christians and Muslims.

We are calling on all governments and communities to respect international law in the name of world peace, human dignity, respect for human rights and to stand against this decision made by President Trump which is also aviolation of international law. A strategically made decision will prevent escalating the tension

It is also worth noting that any reaction and protest must be peaceful.

We Must refrain from reacting to provocations because
Jerusalem must stand for peace!

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