UID’s press release due to terrorist attacks on two mosques in New Zealand

UID’s press release due to terrorist attacks on two mosques in New Zealand

The infamous terrorist attacks against people who worship placidly in New Zealand shook us deeply.

Terrorists who were enemies of Muslims attacked two mosques during Friday prayer today and at least 49 people were massacred after these attacks. We pray for those who died and pray to Allah for the patience of their immediate family.

In recent years we have witnessed the rise of Muslim hostility in many countries around the world with great concern. Violence against Muslim civilians has now gone beyond being the case in the countries where civil war prevailed or in dictatorships. In many democratic countries, we see the revival of Islamophobia, which has led to terrorist attacks against Muslims in recent years. One of the main reasons for this development is the growing hate speech towards Muslims, which is ignored by the right wing ideologies.

In Europe, for example, in many democratic countries, we see that anti-Muslim hate speech in the centre of society has increased and this situation has reached a horrifying level.

This dangerous development threatens the lives of people who maintain their daily lives in peace in these countries. This growing hostility towards Muslims poses a major threat to democracy. This hatred towards Muslims should not be ignored as a marginal issue by governments and the media around the world.

In this context, we offer our deepest condolences to the families of the terror victims in New Zealand


Announced with honour to the public.

UID Board of Directors



Bizi takip edin

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